November 04, 2011

Minus 9!

I'm really pushing myself hard to only use the scale once a week. For me that day is usually Saturday morning. This morning however, I couldn't wait... I stepped on the scale and waited and it told me 121kgs. To be sure I turned it off again, stepped on it: 121kg.


For me that pretty much means -9kg since we started eating healthy. Put in context that means that it is the first time I'm around the 120kg barrier in about 2 years. For me this is a big thing. Passing that barrier will be even bigger.

What is even more awesome is that we aren't actually following a diet or whatever. We just decided that we had enough of our unhealthy lifestyle of soda and take-out food. Drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and some extra workouts.

It's amazing for me that in those 2 short months I learned to appreciate vegetables again and my food portions have shrunk significantly as well.

See you on the other side of 120!

PS: For the doomsayers: I fully realize that it won't be going as smoothly the rest of the way, but as long as it does? You don't hear me complaining. If I start to lose less weight I'm gonna work harder, its that easy :)


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