September 24, 2011

One more Apple please!

I caved... I utterly, completely and fully caved. I am now entirely convinced that Mac's are the way to go for me. After starting out with an iPad, which was a christmas gift from my boss last year, I evolved to using Airport Express for wifi, to the Macbook Air and now as a piece de resistance: A brand new iMac!

I got at the point I was so sick of the entire shit-with-everything on a windows PC (the cables, the issues), that I just upgraded my old desktop to an iMac. 

Even though I still get a "Huh?!" feeling with some things I have to admin that overall, the Mac does what I want a lot better than a windows PC. Only one thing that is really annoying: It's too quiet! Sometimes when I'm doing a lot of things at once and they (iMac and the MacBook, "editor's note") are too busy you don't hear them doing anything. I always doubt whether they crashed or not :)

But there you have it folks, another convert.