August 10, 2011

Can I have an Apple?

After a lot of encouragement attempts from my boss and the release of MacOS Lion, which seemed to have a lot of cool features to me, I finally caved and asked for a MacBook @ work. Today was the day I got it: a brand new, shiny, metallic Mac Book Air 13". 

As a die hard Windows person I have to say that I was a bit overwhelmed by how different things are on a Mac. Even though I wanted my boss to be wrong so badly, I have to admit that I'm starting to like this stuff better and better!

August 09, 2011

Who am I?

In case you didn't know yet, my name is Steve. I currently work as a web developer. Love the job but it is kind of stressy. Our company has offices in a couple of countries and a part of my team is based in Romania. We travel to the other office regularly so there's always shit going on :)

Personally... I'm Joe-next-door. Far from the easiest person to deal with but it has improved over the course of the years. 
My life is brightened up on a daily bases by my girlfriend Sandy. We've been together for about 13 months now and it's been a heavy road already. Heavy in the sense that about 7 months in our relation she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this point we are still fighting against it, but as I see it, everything is going really well. The cancer was removed completely during the operation, chemo was next and soon radiation. For people who wish to know more about that, you can checkout her blog. So as you can imagine this is not the easiest thing for a new couple, but we are still together and I love her more than ever (but don't tell her that! :P)

August 08, 2011


Why oh why?

So yeah... Why another blog you might ask? Aren't there enough out there already. To be honest, there are! But this blog is more for myself than for others. I just wanted a spot where I could write down the things on my mind, stuff I like, basically a sort of a life's journal. Seems like fun to someday read back the old posts and ponder on how life was then :)