October 14, 2011

A healthy life

For many years I've been obese. There, it's out. My entire adult life, I was way too heavy. About 8 years ago, after passing 115kg on the scale, I decided to do something about it. With the help of my parents, a really good dietician and about a years time I managed to get to about 87kg. According to the dietician that is my ideal weight, given that I'm built pretty heavy. I remained at this weight for almost a year and between the watching what I ate and a lot of sport I was actually really happy then.

Then I met this girl at the gym and we became a couple. We went out to search an apartment a couple months later and moved out of the nest. Unfortunately we weren't really made for each other and as it turned out later I was a complete idiot. She liked an ice cream pretty much every night and fed me one too. I should've had the balls to refuse but I didn't. It was my first relation and to avoid conflict I just shoved in the food. About a year later I weighed around 100kg's again. At that point, pretty much at the moment I told her I was out of money as well after paying for pretty much everything in the relation, she left me. Broke and fat again. As I posted in the past, I was far from the easiest guy back then. I've also spend the last couple of months of our relation at home. Just came out of a legal battle with my previous employer. I cannot divulge more details about that as it's part of my "I-wont-sue-you-if-..."-agreement with then, but I won (that much I can say). Anyway due to what happend I really didn't feel like taking on a new job for a while.

All of that really did not do me any good. 

To keep following half year short: I took on a job far beneath my potential, just to get money to come in again, went to a really rough time money wise due to my own stupidity and came really close to a personal bankruptcy. 5 months and 2 weeks in the job I got a call from the owner of a company I had assisted working at that company I sued. He was so happy about what I did for them back then and wanted to know if I was interested to come work for them. By then I was so sick of the old job and with 2 weeks left on my trial period (which in Belgium means both parties can pretty much terminate the working agreement per direct) I left.

The rest of the story went a lot better job/money wise, unfortunately not health wise. Due to the stress, laziness and a lot of other shit, I indulged myself with pretty much anything I wanted (food-wise that is). With my girlfriends illness to go trough we both didn't care about what we ate and ordered a lot of pizza and whatnot, we had to much other things to go through. Unfortunately almost 2 months ago I realized that I was about to pass the 130kg on the scale (and not in the good direction!). We talked about this and given the fact that we are both fighting against weight we decided we were gonna try healthyfying up our life.

About a month and a half later I'm proud to say that we are both still eating very healthy every day. I stopped eating candy, chips and all the other junk. No more takeout, no more pizza, no more soda. I have one vice left so far... We have a SodaStream to make our own sparkling water and I really like the sirop in there. Sure there are a lot of light variants, but yeah. In this time, I've lost almost 5kg.

So yeah... how will this continue? I guess we'll see!

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